3 neat things when you're awake at 3am

Some quick hits of fun and useful finds for the 3am crowd...

When you're a newbie at keeping someone alive (either you're a new doctor or a new mom), you tend to pull a lot of overnights-- i.e.: being awake and trying to not hurt anyone!!

Whether nursing, or waiting to hear back from a nurse when you're on-call: here are 3 ways to do a little something for yourself while you're taking care of others :)

1) make your own newspaper with your favorite blogs!
--> instead of checking separate websites, wondering if you're up-to-date reading blogs: download the Feedly app (it works perfectly for me-- poor reviews from when it first launched)
--> login with your google account: then click under "search" and type the blog address
--> boom! now you will see all your articles, from your favorite people, all lined up in one area for whenever you're free to read

2) read a book on your kindle!
a) for new moms:
The book I wish I had when I was a brand-new mom (to go with the words of advice I wish I'd heard).
Dr. Gray, an OB of a decade, remembers practicing before she had her own baby: "good luck with that thing, let me know if you die!"
Then, she was on the receiving end.... and it opened her eyes.
She had the insight, kindness, and honesty to see how women are discarded after giving birth-- the very moment they need help the most.

So she wrote an easy-quick-tell-me-now read to hand to her all her new mom patients: and she has SHARED that with the whole world!

She wants to support you in what she brilliantly calls:
THE FORGOTTEN TRIMESTER (free on Kindle unlimited!)

Dr. Gray very kindly reached out to me to give advanced access, and she opened my heart right up when she described it this way:
“The fourth trimester is so often forgotten.  But it is a crucial period of time in every mother’s life.  It is a time of healing and recovery, a time of new beginnings, and a time of change.  This book provides you with knowledge about self-care as you navigate your fourth trimester.” 

b) for new doctors: 
If you've been reading here any time, you know I love dark, faintly British humor: dry wit kills me every time. A book about being a doctor-in-training, the errors, the hilarity, the highs and lows-- with the British sense of humor behind it! This is Going To Hurt

3) 1 hour of perfect, giddy, yet somehow a touch dark, comedy
Is anyone else still holding a grudge against Amy Sherman-Palladino over what she did to Gilmore Girls?
Just me?
I vacillate between imaging myself as Rory (occasionally Emily; Lorelai when I was younger and spunkier), so you can see why I'm holding on to this years later.

When my cousin, with whom I actually threw a themed Gilmore Girls revival party, told me I needed to watch The Marvelous Mrs. Mazel.... I almost spit. NEVAH! Not fo' nuthin', nevah happen.

But she is very nice and very persuasive, so I gave in. And now, we are planning a theme party for the upcoming Season 2 debut. What can I say? ASP gets me every time.

Warning: this will make you want to wear nipped in dresses, pillbox hats, and do a perfect winged eyeliner!