Enjoying life: a primer

Listen honestly, and express love gently

And maybe declutter one area in your house while watching youtube :)

Finally, for the other ultra-sentimentalists out there: relive an important song in your life-- but with a twist: an acoustic version 💖

How to get the hell off your phone: 4 easy steps (+1 HARD one)

As you can see, my iPhone has a fetching case-- pink and floral, just as everything in life should be. Injury-proof too, which fits in with the above. (If only all things could bounce back so.)

Super-shiny Harvard hair

Resting Barbie Face

Hello sweet friend,
What did you do this week?

I went to a party! I wore a decades- old DVF dress, had a cosmo, and flirted with my husband's colleagues. It was like the old days! 

The Doctor's Bag: Should We Pay with Click$?

Hello sweet friend,

What did you do this week?

I filmed yet another What's In My Bag-- this time, for my work bag.  

While filming, I realized how quickly doctors have changed in the (relatively) short time I've been practicing. When I started med school in the early aughts, the idea of broadcasting anything about yourself, good or bad, medically-related or not, was disdainful. Having opinions: no. Showing emotions: no. Being multidimensional (in other words: human): absolutely not.

Family history

Just another illegal, drinking
(Sidenote: The White Elephant has the best brunch in ACK)

Hello sweet friend,

What did you do this week?

I was so distracted at Whole Foods that I almost checked out in the 10-items-or-under line-- until I counted my produce on the belt: 12 items. I pretended not to be mortified as I repacked my monogrammed Boat & Tote, and snuck away to the regular line.  

Yes, I am hyper-focused on being The Best, Untouchable, at all times. My father (may he rest in peace) was welcomed into the US via his "exceptional ability" in business, and yet I have always felt the need to prove myself, to prove that I wasn't a "drain" on the system.

The best under-eye concealer in existence

Not well-rested, just very happy to have Greek food & the best undereye concealer EVER

Hello sweet friend,

What did you do this week?

I had a hilarious and meandering conversation with an old friend via text message (is there any other way?), wherein I realized: I have found the Best Concealer of All Time.

To some, this may be a mundane and shudderingly shallow revelation. These people have not been sleep deprived for the past two decades of their lives.

Minimalism as an antidote to stress

Hello sweet friend,

What did you do this week?

I fought the good fight both at home and in the hospital, giving my love and prayers to everyone who crossed my path.

This week, I don't have much to give here, other than to share how I mitigate the stress of life (&death).

What's In My Bag- Diaper Bag Edition

Hello sweet friend,

What did you do this week?

I filmed my (first&second&third) video! Thankfully, you will only be exposed to the final one. While it has many shortcomings (including how prominently it displays my right foot)... it is much less disastrous than prior attempts.

"What's In My Bag" youtubes are something of an addiction for me: I love (nosily) watching what someone else considers their essentials, then shamelessly copying for myself.

The perfect AM sunscreen

Hello sweet friend,

What did you do this week?

I re-watched Mona Lisa Smile, and the idyllic all-women's campus returned me to those days: when we were young.

How we teasingly set each other's hair before dances. How Sage cackled at us for trying to fit in.

Most importantly, Niva and I organized elaborate dorm-escapes. There were point-people, code-coughs, and cheesy-bread breaks for the troops. All for the nearest thing to freedom-- driving through the smokey-cool Virginia nights. That's when we learned the best way to listen to Van Morrison's Astral Weeks: turned up, way up loud, in a quiet surround.


Hi friends,

First of all, thank you for stopping by. I bet you're reading with one hand and simultaneously fixing three problems, wishing you had a snack!

This is a big gamble, this space, with my name on it.

Whether by cultural expectations or internal inclination, physicians are Not Supposed to Be People. They are supposed to be Physicians. Only. No opinion, no annoyance, no jokes, no interest in makeup. One work contract specifically forbade me to write, speak, or do any activity outside of my clinical duties, even on my personal time. I almost got a paper cut, I threw it out so fast! RIP.

The truth is, the M.D. addition did change me -- it took my natural fear of the unknown and grew it into the Control Freak. Was it because I was especially malleable when I started my training, still a teenager? (That is a story for later.)

What it didn't change was my love of words-- really, a compulsion for expression. A compulsion that, try as I might, to redirect into emails, blog comments, Moleskins... brought me here to you.

So if you like it, if you have any feelings ideas or reactions at all to this, please let me know.

I am counting on you!

Wishing you the health of happiness,