Minimalism as an antidote to stress

Hello sweet friend,

What did you do this week?

I fought the good fight both at home and in the hospital, giving my love and prayers to everyone who crossed my path.

This week, I don't have much to give here, other than to share how I mitigate the stress of life (&death).

The first way: staring at my child's face (both in pictures and in person). I playfully query him on decisions: this or that, what would you like? Who are you?

His little "replies" leave me wondering: is early language the closest thing to God's own speech? So I laugh and pinch his little nose.

Another, more physical, way I manage stress is by organizing, minimizing, and making little vignettes out of everyday items.

In this way, I tidied and streamlined my closet, and wanted to share it... in case anyone else derives the same pleasure from organization :)

Here is my "summer in the south: toddler-friendly" 30 item capsule wardrobe, with 15 pairs of shoes, and a hefty helping of accessories. Hope you enjoy!

Do you believe in minimalism at home, to counteract the chaos of the outside world?

Have a wonderful week! See you again Sunday!

Wishing you the health of happiness,
Mama, M.D.

P.S.: I tried to extend this minimalism to my diaper bag, and pretty much failed....

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