What's In My Bag- Diaper Bag Edition

Hello sweet friend,

What did you do this week?

I filmed my (first&second&third) video! Thankfully, you will only be exposed to the final one. While it has many shortcomings (including how prominently it displays my right foot)... it is much less disastrous than prior attempts.

"What's In My Bag" youtubes are something of an addiction for me: I love (nosily) watching what someone else considers their essentials, then shamelessly copying for myself.

After packing my diaper bag, I would think: aha! Now, finally, I am prepared for the world. Now, there will be no more surprises. Now: I am SuperMom. SuperMom, Minimalist Edition.

Watch this (<10min) video keeping the "minimalist" part in mind, that'll be good for a few laughs!!

And yes, life has disabused me of the concept of "prepared perfection." Now, I pack my bag as best as possible, and live the gorgeous chaos of life-- with a smile and a sigh. How lucky am I: to have a baby in the first place, to pack that bag at all?

Any suggestions for a more minimalist approach? What's essential in your diaper bag? How'd you like my pedicure? 

Have a great week! See you again Sunday!

Wishing you the health of happiness,
Mama, M.D.

P.S. One other thing I did this week: try to make a positive difference, in my own small way. There are babies who have been separated from their parents at the U.S. border, and I wanted to send my love and prayers to them somehow.
As a mom, I have to stop myself from fully imaging what is going on there, for fear of breaking my heart. I donated to a legal defense fund, to get these babies back with their mamas, and I'll link it here-- in case God puts it in your heart to do the same.


  1. I finally got a second to watch this video! I loved it! So many goodies - I need that all in one diaper, wipes, baggies, changer roll up!

    1. Thanks for your lovely reply Theresa :) wonderful as always to hear from you! Here is a link to the diaper clutch I used: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B006P05S0Q/ref=mp_s_a_1_14_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1532442429&sr=8-14&keywords=diaper+clutch

    2. Hmm it’s not linking right— it’s the Brica gopad diaper changer on amazon!


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